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My Work

Here is my work in graphic design, website design & development, and photography.  Thanks for looking around!



Graphic Design

Here I have a compilation of my design work split into illustrations, infographics, reports, and templates. 

Click the button to view each category. 


Social Media

Here is my work on social media! I have worked on social media account management and content creation through graphic design. This includes designing posts, writing captions, and scheduling on Hootsuite and on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tiktok. These are organized by different accounts I was working on. 

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Most of the work is from my photography internship with the Wisconsin Union, other freelance photography, and some fun personal projects. Click the arrow below to view my work!


Website Design

Here I have a compilation of my website design work. I split this section into three different platforms: WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. Click the button to view each category. 

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Video Creation/Editing

Video is a field I am slowly emerging in and gaining more experience in. Click the arrow below to see several projects I have created and edited. 

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